No want is always ready to invite plumbing emergency services. However, they end up looking for these services in one way or the other. Now the responsibility lies upon you to avoid inviting such emergency services. If you pay attention to the suggestions that come from plumbers you can significantly prevent these emergencies.
If there is one nightmare that most homeowners dread then it’s a plumbing emergency. These emergencies will not only create havoc and disrupt your lives, but also lead to a huge monetary loss. In fact, statistics show that over 6300 gallons of water is lost in America every year due to plumbing issues.
Here are few suggestions that can help prevent the necessity of seeking an emergency plumber
The Plumbing Do’s
Clean the aerators in the faucet at regular intervals. Since hard water is constantly passing through the pipes and system, the aerators are often blocked with chemicals found inside water. They form a layer that may prevent the flow of water. Plus, the water may start tasting differently because of the chemical sedimentation.
Stay calm when faced with plumbing issues. When faced with plumbing emergencies most people tend to panic. But did you know that panicking may end up worsening things? Instead of panicking take several deep breathes and recollect your thoughts. By remaining calm, you’ll be able to cope up with any plumbing emergency that may come your way.
Make sure you flush the drains in the bathroom with 2-3 gallons of water every month. The tub and shower drains are often clogged with grease, hair, and plastic. Buy pouring hot water into the drains every month you’ll ensure that the drains remain clean and also prevent any kind of clogging that may occur.
Do not forget to switch off the water supply. When you have a plumbing issue the first thing to do is to shut off the water supply. If you are faced with a serious emergency, switch off the main water supply. This will prevent any damage that may be caused by leaks.
Do not forget to call a plumber. Most homeowners normally forget to call in a plumber when they are busy dealing with the emergency. If you want to reduce the extent of water damage then you need to call an emergency plumber right away.
Plumbing don’ts
Do not pour cooking oil, fat or grease inside the kitchen sink. After some time, fat and grease will accumulate inside the pipes. This may end up blocking the drains and lead to further leakages and damages.
Don’t pour hot water into the toilet. Although pouring hot water inside the toilet may seem harmless, if you are not careful you may end up with a cracked toilet bowl. The toilets are made in such a way that they cannot handle hot water.
Never use the tools that you don’t know about. You may have been advised by a plumber to do something but if you are not familiar with the tools, do not use them. Any attempt to use the tools may further complicate your plumbing issues.
Final word
The above mentioned do’s and don’ts may help you maintain your plumbing system in a good working condition and keep any problems at bay. You only need to know when to handle this alone and when to call an emergency plumber.