Plumber – 7 Ways to Know You Have the Wrong Plumber

Plumbing Services BasingstokeHire a plumber with confidence. Be sure your plumbers do not make these seven mistakes, which should be signals not to hire them at all.

Do you know your plumber well enough to know he or she has the working experience to do a great job? No matter what he or she plans to do to fix your current problem, it is a good idea to ensure you know this person has the skill to do a great job. How can you know? No matter if you have a professional already working for you or you just need to find one you can trust, there are a few ways to know that you have the wrong person doing the job.

Tips to Minimize Your Risk

Look at the following seven signs. Each one of these points to a plumber you do not want to work with for any task.

  1. They cannot produce a license or certification number. This information is critical. You want to be sure that the person is able to perform these duties in your home based on his or her knowledge.


  1. He says, “This new technology is a bit more complex.” There are changes occurring in the plumbing industry. A qualified technician stays up to date on these changes so that he or she always has access to the latest information and resources. This only helps you.


  1. The technician lacks bonding. It is critical to learn if the company is properly bonded. If not, this may mean that you and your homeowner’s insurance are responsible for any type of accidents or injuries, as well as bad work.


  1. She is inflexible to meet your scheduling needs. If the plumber is lacking time to come out to your location now, avoid hiring them. This may mean there are already too many customers on the books for the amount of time available.


  1. The company does not have employees but uses only independent contractors. This may be okay if the company does background checks on each of those doing the work. Each person needs proper licensing or certification and bonding, though.


  1. Plumbing Services Basingstoke

    They will not guarantee the service. This is a risk in nearly all situations. You want to know that the job this professional is doing is going to fix the problem and get you back on track. Who would not guarantee their work?


  1. He strips your copper piping and takes it to the bank. You want to ensure that the company you are working with is legitimate and trustworthy. A company that is selling your scrap may not be working with your benefit in mind.


Hiring the right plumber is a big deal. The right company will have references and recommendations available from previous clients. He or she will listen to your concerns and help fix your problem with your budget in mind. He or she provides a clear, accurate quote and sticks to the timeline provided as much as is possible. These are not things you hope for, but rather things you should expect to find in the plumbers that you do hire for your needs.