Manifolds are worth it and should be included in plumbing. They are an important part of every modern plumbing system, acting as a control center delivering hot and cold water to fixtures. With their practicality, they make installation much easier. This has led them to become popular in every residence that has a modern plumbing system.

Are Plumbing Manifolds worth it?

So what’s the deal with manifolds? Many plumbers use them, while many don’t. While this can depend on many factors, it is important to look at manifolds themselves and how they can benefit anyone doing a plumbing job. It is this combination of circumstances along with the products that can make it hard to understand if a manifold is the right choice. Once we establish what a manifold is, how it works, and where most people use it, we will be able to gauge if a manifold is worth it or not.

The Uses of Manifolds

The basic use of manifolds is to act as a control center. Manifolds deliver hot and cold water to any flexible PEX supply lines. These supply lines run from the manifold to any individual fixtures. This is different from traditional plumbing because the fixture runs to the manifold instead of a trunk line. This has caused many people to turn towards manifolds as a simpler way of going about plumbing jobs.

Manifold Structure

Manifolds come in certain different variations all based on materials. You can find manifolds made from copper, bronze, brass, or PEX/cross-linked polyethylene. The material may reflect on how well the manifold works. Manifolds tend to be reliable when delivering different streams of water at different temperature points.

Who uses manifolds?

Many people use manifolds for countless plumbing jobs. But are there some jobs that require manifolds more than others? Manifolds are very up to date. Almost every home with a modern plumbing system will have a manifold. Certain larger homes will have even more. This is mostly because manifolds are simple to install and control. Even larger structures may have several smaller manifolds with the main manifold. However, they are most popular in single-family residential plumbing systems.

Manifold Benefits

The most widely known benefit of manifolds is their practicality. Most manifolds can accept incredibly small supply lines. Because they are so modern, most have safeguards that will reduce any risk of pressure drop. Polyethylene manifolds are great because they are flexible, resist freezing, and cut energy costs. They also act as better insulators than their copper counterparts.
However, the biggest benefit of manifolds has to do with its simplicity. By eliminating any extra parts and complications, manifolds are easy to install, control, and adjust. This is the reason why just about every modern home has one.


The whole point of manifolds is for them to act as a modern control center for your plumbing system. Altogether, this gets rid of complications in residential areas where most manifolds are used. With a variety of materials, you can choose a manifold that benefits you the most. Manifolds are worth it. By installing a manifold your plumbing job ultimately becomes much easier. Be sure to comment below if you have any other questions regarding manifolds and how they work. With their combined simplicity, practicality, and quality, manifolds are well worth having in any modern plumbing system.